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Médirunner the internal transfer trolley

Ref: 5035

Internal transfer trolley

For intra-hospital transport of the most fragile newborns

Swift and secure transfer

High manoeuvrability

Secure attachment for Nite incubator

Optimum heating and monitoring during transfer 

Equipment versatility

Optimised storage facilities for essential material during transfer

Possible attachment of additional medical devices

Sleek design adapted for hospital use

Compact and space-saving size 

Easy cleaning and disinfection

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The Médirunner internal transfer trolley, with the Nite incubator, secures transport of neonates between the different departments within hospital institutions. 

Swift and secure transfer

The manoeuvrability of the trolley has been particularly studied to facilitate the transfer and ensure safe transport of the newborn.

The design of the trolley with a full-width handle and multidirectional castors, provides a good grip and allows more flexibility in manoeuvres.

The incubator Nite is fixed by 2 studs which keep it stable during transfers. All additional equipments are positioned to ensure optimal monitoring: the medical staff always keep visibility over the newborn and access to all embedded medical devices’ functions.

Equipment versatility

The Médirunner trolley is delivered with optimized storages: 2 large compartments which can be replaced by 2 drawers, 1 support for 2 cylinders and a duct for tubes and hoses. A block of 8 protected IEC sockets is integrated to power medical devices during transfer.

It is possible to customize the basic configuration of the trolley with additional devices required for medicalised transfer of the neonate.

Sleek design adapted for hospital use

The Médipréma R&D team has designed the Médirunner trolley to be as best as possible adapted to the hospital environment:

  • Thanks to its compact size, the trolley is space-saving in the corridors. 
  • The materials have been carefully selected to meet hospital expectations in terms of cleaning and disinfection.
  • Because it evolves mainly in neonatology services, funny decorative characters have been added to integrate into the childish universe of young patients.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions (L x l x H) 

  • Trolley alone: 1313 x 1002 x 610 mm
  • Trolley + Nite Incubator: 1313 x 1291 x 610 mm

Storage dimensions (L x l x H) 

  • Compartment: 799 x 508 x 130 mm
  • Drawer: 780 x 470 x 130 mm (48 L)

Cylinder support: Ø145 mm (B5)

  • Shelf on tubular structure: 985 x 385 mm


  • Trolley alone: 40 kg
  • Trolley + Nite incubator: 77 kg

Maximum permitted load

  • Trolley alone: 100 kg
  • Compartment: 3 kg
  • Drawer: 3 kg
  • Shelf on tubular structure: 8 kg

Mobility 4 pivoting castors: Ø 125 mm with brakes


Accessories of the Médirunner and of the Nite

  • 2 internal shelves or 2 drawers 
  • 2 Air/O2 inverters with hoses
  • Li-Ion battery pack with by-pass
  • Protective and carrying tubular structure with IV pole
  • Shelf for tubular structure
  • Attachment mast for 3 Agilia syringe pumps
  • Fixing system for Eve ventilator
  • Fixing system for Fabian Evolution ventilator
  • Fixing system for Hamilton T1 ventilator
  • Fixing system for patient monitor Philips X2 or X3
  • Fixing system for Neopuff insufflator
  • Fixing system for Maxblend2 blender

Nite accessories Classe I according to 2017/745 EU regulation

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