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Hélipréma air transport module

Ref: 5122


Made-to-measure solution to meet your standards, needs and budget

Reliability and safety

Each medical device is securely fixed to the assembly but remains easy to dismantle in accordance with emergency transport requirements. The structures designed by médipréma comply with European regulatory requirements related to the marketing of medical devices.

Compact, light and robust design

After sometimes more than 15 years of intensive use in difficult emergency transport conditions, médipréma structures are still in use.

All information on this product

Médipréma can produce a made-to-measure structure, based on the customer’s requirements :

  • Constraints depending on the type of transport : weight, volume, onboard peripheral equipment, electricity supply and gas autonomy, etc.
  • Working habits : organisation around the baby, onboard equipment, backpack, weight, working ergonomics, etc.
  • Budget available for the project

An approved methodology

The design of a neonatal transport structure follows a precise process. All the solutions undergo 3D modelling to create a manufacturing plan based on the specifications requested.

Tested solutions

Médipréma has several testing rooms for the validation of its solutions. The company also works with a network of external laboratories. The Nite incubator underwent crash testing in a Cofrac laboratory to obtain EN1789 10G certification.

Certified solutions

Médipréma meets the requirements of the ISO 13485 quality system. This system is regularly audited. The company also has ISO 14001 certification, and is actively committed to a continuous improvement process for its environmental performance. All our structures are validated by CE marking. We offer our consumers complete structures validated by EN1789 10G and DO160 20G resistance calculations on transport structures.

French design and manufacture

The Nite transport incubator and all the médipréma structures are designed and manufactured at the médipréma plant, located in the Loire valley. This allows médipréma to guarantee the quality and reliability of its devices, with control of the entire production chain.


Structure especially designed for Airbus EC 135 helicopter : fixed on RTS Chapuis trolley for ground transport.

• Structure entirely made of aluminum (3x lighter than steel). Less than 90kg for this complete structure equipped with 1 Nite transport incubator, 1 Stephan EVE ventilator (with compressor for air supply), 1 Philips X3 monitor, 2 Fresenius Agilia infusion pumps, 1 external battery, and 2 gaz cylinders of 1m3.

• For aerostretchers which need to be disconnected from the dedicated trolley to fit into the aircraft, the safety straps enable to secure the stretcher on
whatever trolley is available on the drop zone.

• Optimal solution for the specific requirements of air transport (very limited space and load) with interoperability.

• CE marked, EN 1789 10G and DO 160 20G certification.

CE marking

EN1789 10G and DO160 20G certifications

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