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Ref: 5020

Unique warming technology

The only transport incubator on the market incorporating a servocontrolled radiant warming system

Immediate and effective heat transfer to the baby

Perfect insulation from the external environment

Enhanced technology associated with a polyurethane intensive care bag

Air and skin regulation modes

Facilitates the work of nursing staff

Designed to transport infants between hospital departments (internal transfer) and between different hospitals (road and air transport)

Ergonomic : perfect visibility of the baby on 5 sides, total accessibility to the baby via 4 sides, lightweight (37kg)

User-friendly touch screen

Automatic power source recognition

Infant comfort

Rapid warming 

Insulation from the external environment

Maintenance of the control temperature in all circumstances (e.g. possible to fit equipment or resuscitate the baby with the doors open while continuing warming)

Silicone mattress tray feet to limit uncomfortable vibrations for the infant

Spacious canopy

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Unique warming technology

Médipréma’s Nite transport system provides genuine overhead radiant heating which is incorporated inside the incubator canopy, ensuring immediate heat transfer to the infant. The thermal insulation has been carefully designed to protect the baby from environmental disturbances and numerous door openings during transport.

The heating system, effective in all circumstances, makes it possible to perform care procedures on the infant with the doors open without compromising warming. The temperature increase is very rapid (20 min from 25°C to 36°C, control temperature 37°C) thereby guaranteeing rapid warming of the baby. The presence of an air temperature measurement sensor inside the canopy, along with the overhead temperature measurement probes, makes it possible to perfectly regulate heating, which operates in total safety irrespective of the environmental conditions.  


Ergonomics designed to facilitate the work of medical teams

Like all médipréma incubators, the canopy of the Nite transport structure has been designed to guarantee total accessibility to the baby. Equipped with 2 large doors with portholes on the front and back, a hatch on the feet side and a dual-leaf door on the head side, it offers total accessibility to the baby via 4 sides of the incubator. It also ensures perfect visibility of the baby on 5 sides thanks to its transparent PMMA canopy. 

Médipréma’s Nite transport incubator is equipped with an intuitive LCD touch display screen (with the possibility of selecting different working languages) for good visualisation and a zoom display of temperature trends in real time (monitoring) and graph history.


A reliable solution that does not compromise the baby’s comfort

Médipréma’s Nite incubator has been designed to improve the transport conditions of newborns. The incubator mattress tray is placed on silicone blocks to reduce vibrations related to transport. The mattress tray is reversible (head, feet) to adapt the baby’s position to the onboard equipment and the position of medical personnel. The canopy has been designed to minimise noise disturbance related to the ventilator to keep the environment quieter for the baby. 

Numerous accessories are available to improve comfort for the baby and medical teams during transport : baby support harness, vacuum mattress, head-up tilt pad, protective bar, etc.).


Temperature regulation :

  • air from 28 to 39°C (with secure access above 37°C)
  • skin from 35 to 38°C (with secure access above 37°C)

Main  heating  system  by  radiant  vault,  backed  by  a  convection and conducting heating system on a heat recovery device under 
the mattress

An air temperature measuring probe  in  the  canopy combined with heating vault temperature measuring probes, perfectly  allow  to  modulate heating  which  safely  works whatever the environmental conditions are

The most silent incubator in use : 18 dB(A)

Heating power : 330W (absorbed power 450VA)

Internal heating battery (autonomy  15  to  45  minutes) : Possibility  to  add  an  external battery to increase this autonomy up to 4 hours.

Multiple power supplies : alternating current from 110 to 240V, 50/60/400HZ and continuous from 12 to 36V

Electrical class : II



Instructions display on a tactile LCD enabling the choice of language  (English,  French,  German,  Spanish).  Zoom display of temperature trends in real time (monitoring)

Very spacious Plexiglas canopy with perfect visibility on 5 sides :

Complete access to the infant through the 4 sides :  

  • Front panel : 1 large door with 2 portholes
  • Rear panel : 1 large door with 2 portholes
  • Head side : 1 two-leaf door
  • Feet side : 1 vertical trap door

Fold down head side allowing an easy access to the baby’s head

70% slide-out tray in option for an easier access to the infant (easily interchnageable with a standard tray)

Bedding :  610x340mm

  • On  silent  blocks  in  order  to  reduce vibrations :They are maintained in the body frame of the incubator with unlockable fastenings.
  • Reversible bedding (head to feet) so the baby’s position can be adapted to the type of transport and equipment

Plug housing for surveillance lighting

4 molded-handles

Dimensions (LxWxH) :  910x580x518mm

Weight :  37kg

4 fastening blocks to the structure



  • Probe for built-in oxygen monitor
  • Protection and carrying tubular structure with I.V pole
  • Slide-out tray
  • Isothermal cover
  • Foam & microbeads mattress
  • External supplementary battery block
  • Internal ventilator hoses holder
  • 10G restraining solutions
  • Intégration on internal transfer modules and road/air transport modules designed by Médipréma

Class IIb medical device

Electrical class II

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