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Innovative and reliable solutions for hospitals, laboratories and industries

A human-sized group

Médipréma group is a human sized group with just over 200 employees across France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It brings together four entities, whose primary objective is to offer innovative and reliable solutions on their markets.

The hospital sector is the main focus of its activities, but médipréma proup also offers numerous solutions to laboratories, industries and the arts market.

Innovation, a crucial challenge

The group, for which innovation is a crucial challenge, has a strong focus on product design and development, for equipment and single-use devices. Infant nutrition, patient warming, emergency transport, phototherapy and daylighting are the priorities for its research and development investment.

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A trusted partner

Médipréma group is a partner of many innovative brands, both established and emerging, which it represents with ambition and professionalism in its domestic markets. The company also offers contract manufacturing of medical devices for international suppliers.

Discover our values

Our values

Underpinning our actions, our conduct and our success

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The pioneering spirit

Because life is fragile and because the world is changing, our teams create and innovate constantly.

Day after day, they develop more effective, better tailored and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

Social responsibility

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Because life is fragile, we take the utmost care in everything that we produce.

Quality is a priority and is expressed at every level across our production sites, located in Tauxigny in France and Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium, and through our processes certified by ISO 13845 or 9001 standards depending on the activities.

The pioneering spirit
Social responsibility


Social responsibility

Because life is fragile, it is our duty to act now to protect future generations.

We are honestly and sustainably committed to an eco-responsible policy, as reflected in ISO 14001 certification, and actively employ people with disabilities.

The pioneering spirit

Our certifications

Commitment at every level

Médipréma group has implemented a broad range of programmes and processes in order to achieve the highest quality of products and services. We scrupulously ensure that these requirements are shared by the suppliers and subcontractors that we select. We have certifications that validate our compliance with current national and international regulations, in particular:

ISO 13485

For our activities in the design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of medical devices for neonatal care, paediatrics and obstetrics.

ISO 9001

For our activities in the distribution of single-use products and medical, paramedical and laboratory equipments and for our activities related to the manufacturing, sales and servicing of diagnostic accessories for radiology, dentistry, podiatry and optometry.

ISO 14001

Environmental management system

At the médipréma group, offering the best quality product is what drives us every day.

It is also very often an element that sets us apart.

We never hesitate to go beyond regulatory requirements if it means offering better solutions for our customers and patients.



Our history

Since 1976...

The médipréma company, at the origin the groups company name, was founded in the Touraine area of central France in 1976 at the instigation of a couple of entrepreneurs wishing to develop an industrial activity for the manufacturing of medical equipment.

Although it started by subcontracting the manufacturing of hospital beds for adults, it quickly moved on to neonatal care, with the launch of its first open incubator solution.

Médipréma is rapidly becoming a key player in the world of neonatal care and is at the source of technical solutions now being copied by others today (in particular, the 360° phototherapy cradle that has reduced by over 60% the blood exchange transfusions in newborns with severe hyperbilirubinemia) and proposes solutions that are unique in the world (such as the transport incubator with overhead radiant heating).


... to today

Over the course of its history, the company has seized several growth opportunities by acquiring various complementary activities.

In 1992, the company ella legros, a manufacturer of radiology accessories, in particular illuminators, one of the company's flagship products, joined médipréma. The range rapidly expanded and the materials evolved, enabling the brand to gradually take a dominant position on the European market.

The group’s lighting expertise was enhanced in 2007 with the arrival of the gamain business. Gamain offers standardised light to professionals in the medical world (especially dentists) and the luxury and arts industry, who are seeking for a light that is less straining and that enables good colour discrimination.

In 2010, the acquisition of the Belgian company beldico, the European leader in baby bottles, supplemented the group's range of products in the field of neonatal care devices. The skills of médipréma group have thus been extended to the field of plastics processing and sterilisation.

In parallel, the group is being enriched by the buoyant distribution activities of its subsidiary International Medical Products (IMP) in the nursing, adult care and laboratory markets.

“We bring together complementary know-hows to design tomorrow's products.”

Our facilities and business lines

2 production sites

Médipréma group has 2 production sites, the first a 6000 m² facility in Tauxigny, on the site of the group’s head office, located in the heart of the Touraine region of central France, and the second a 4800 m² facility located in Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium, housing, in particular its injection and blowing facilities and its clean rooms.

The médipréma group also has offices in Brussels, Belgium and Breda in the Netherlands.

Mobilised men and women

Our R&D centre based in Tauxigny has a multi-skilled team (mechanics, IT, electronics, plastics processing, etc.) working on the design of tomorrow's products.

All our projects are modelled. Our developments are framed by a well-structured process that leaves no room for chance. The centre has several integrated test laboratories and a raft of tools to facilitate the implementation of prototypes.

The diversity of our experience and cultures contribute to our performance!

 At the médipréma group we encourage initiative and do our utmost to ensure our employees enjoy working together.

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