Closed incubators

Temperature regulation accounts for a significant proportion of a newborn infant’s energy expenditure, particularly if the infant is pre-term or has a low birthweight. Perfect thermal and humidity conditions are therefore crucially important for the healthy development of newborns.

Médipréma fully understands this and has created closed incubators with a high thermal efficiency, a very good humidification quality and ergonomics specially designed to facilitate the work of medical teams, without compromising on infant comfort.

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Inotherm, médipréma's closed incubator, for intensive care and neonatal resuscitation services. A unique thermoregulation system developed by médipréma.
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Satis +

Médipréma's closed incubator used in intensive care and neonatal resuscitation. Pretherm regulation mode.
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Satis 3352

The médipréma's Satis 3552 closed incubator was designed to used in neonatal care and maternity units.
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