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In the press: A new high-performance pediatric stretcher for Brest CHRU

The delivery of our equipment is always a pleasure, especially when they are so expected and so well received. The satisfaction of our customers is a priority, it is a driving force for the Médipréma teams who put a lot of heart into their work. We are delighted to see that in addition to preserving the lives of newborns, Médipréma equipment contributes to the working comfort of nursing staff. Read the article from Ouest-France


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Did you know?

Médipréma works with hospitals, but also with private ambulances to ensure the newborns a safe transport and optimal warming. We thank Paris 16 Ambulances which recently showed us its confidence. We are delighted to support its paramedics in the management of newborns thanks to the Nite transport incubator and its 10g restraining solution of newborns CosySecure.

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