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CORONAVIRUS information

To support the hospitals, médipréma group maintains its production, while ensuring the safety of its collaborators. Following the French and Belgian governments‘ measures to limit the propagation of the Coronavirus, the large majority  of the administrative staff is on home office since the 17th of march 2020 and available by e-mail and phone. The production teams are still operative, and the expeditions maintained, as much as possible. We can therefore respond to our hospital customers’ needs, and do our best to maintain the delivery times, which can be disturbed because of the current sanitary situation. We are aware that our products participate to take care the most fragile lives, and we intend to make then functional despite the exceptional situation. Also, we take the opportunity to comment the courage and the commitment of our production teams, all the intermediaries and the nursing staff allowing to provide the necessary cares during these difficult times. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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Arab Health 2020 - Dubai

This annual event will take place in Dubai from 27 to 30 January. Come and meet our team at booth Z2.D31. The opportunity to introduce a neonatal transport module equipped with our Nite transport incubator, unique technology in neonatal transportation with radiant heating which delivers unparalleled results in the unstable transportation environment.You will also discover our new 360° phototherapy cradle, single-use bottles and many other inovative solutions dedicated to neonatology.

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Partnership médipréma - Horizon Sahel

Médipréma has anchored its environmental approach and extended its action in favor of sustainable development thanks to a partnership signed with the association Horizons Sahel in July 2012.  This Vendômoise association, recognized as an NGO and created in 2007, works mainly in collecting and delivering decommissioned but still good working medical equipments to health facilities in Senegal.These actions allow to provide technical and operational resources to organisations which need equipments in Senegal.  Thus, we give new life to medical equipment for the population while taking into account technical and medical knowledge of staff and resources already available in establishments whose needs have been clearly identified and analysed. If you have decommissioned equipment you can donate it to Horizons Sahel association, which will take care of its recovery. Contact directly Mr. Daniel MILLIERE, President of the association (

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Médipréma is a member of the eco-organism Recylum

Recylum is approved by the public authorities for the removal and treatment of electrical, electronic and professional medical household appliances. If you have médipréma products you can contact Recylum directly, who will intervene on the site of use of the product to make the withdrawal. The choice to join this eco-organization was motivated by our goal of customer satisfaction. Recylum offers a simple service and has a network of partners for rapid response. In addition, Recylum ensures that processing operations are carried out in compliance with the environment, sustainable development and any applicable regulations. Contact Recylum at 0810 000 777

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