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Radiant warmer for neonates

Ref: 4357

Genuine air mode, like a closed incubator

Adapts to the room temperature to maintain the target temperature without any other adjustments

Air temperature expressed in degrees Celsius, not in heating power

No unnecessary alarms for greater nursing staff/infant comfort

Rapid temperature increase

Mobile solution

Mobile stand for use in various conditions (above a cot, a changing table, etc.)

Ultra-intuitive control screen

Setting of the 3 temperature regulation modes : air, skin and tendresse (skin-to-skin)

APGAR Timer for score assessments

Easy access to the newborn and facilitated care

Cradle with 4 removable protective screens

X-ray tray under the bedding

8 orifices for the passage of drains, probes and pipes

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Médipréma’s Ambia 4352 radiant warmer ensures gentle, effective warming of newborns.

Médipréma's Ambia radiant warmer is mounted on a care crib. It allows easy access to the neonate, facilitating nursing and provides quick and safe warming of the infant.


A reliable, safe heating system

The radiant warmers propose a genuine air mode from 20 to 39°C, with temperature sensors that take into account environmental variations to automatically control the heating power and indicate the temperature (in °C) around the infant. Simply enter the desired temperature and the ambient and radiant temperature sensors automatically regulate the heating element radiation level to compensate for temperature variations from one room to another. 

Surrounded by gentle, uniform warmth, the infant benefits from an optimal environment, for the best quality of care.

The radiant warmers also have a skin mode from 35 to 38°C (with protected access above 37°C), enabling constant monitoring of the newborn’s skin temperature.

Radiant warming via a quartz heating element ensures reactivity combined with warming quality.

The integrated oxygen monitor (optional probe) has a measuring range from 0 to 100% with low and high thresholds adjustable from 20 to 99%.

The warmers are also equipped with an APGAR timer with a double “beep” system, sounding after 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes.


Easy-to-use warmers that guarantee comfort for both infant and medical teams

For greater infant and nursing staff comfort, Ambia radiant warmers are equipped with an advanced alarm management system (quiet mode). These audible and visual alarms are divided into three groups, defined according to the degree of urgency, in order to alert nursing staff more effectively and avoid disturbing the newborn unnecessarily (the visual alarm is triggered before the audible alarm).

The control unit with intuitive LCD screen, placed at eye level, integrated into the radiant warmers ensures good visibility of data and alarms, with the option of viewing the information in the form real-time graphs (monitoring). All the information necessary for the correct operation of the device is clearly and visibly displayed.


Temperature regulation:

Air mode from 20 to 39°C (with secure access under 28°C and above 37°C). The radiant warmers offer a genuine air mode : the temperature sensors take into account the ambient temperature variations to automatically adjust radiation of the heating element and to indicate the temperature (in degree Celsius) at the baby level
Skin mode from 35 to 38°C (with secure access above 37°C)
RADIANT HEATING by quartz emitter, offering reactivity and efficient warming.

Built-in O2 MONITOR (probe in option) with measuring scale from 0 to 100% and high and low levels adjustable from 20 to 99%

APGAR TIMER with double «beep» at 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes.

SOUND AND VISUAL ALARMS with advanced management
For the comfort of the neonate and the medical team, alarms are classified in 3 urgency levels, with specific sound and visual characteristics for each, depending on the degree of urgency of the action.

HEATING POWER: 600 watts (absorbed power 900VA)

POWER SUPPLY: 220-240V - 50/60Hz


Class IIb Medical Device



CONTROL PANEL with a LCD screen for a good visibility of data and alarms. Possibility to display the information in real time in curve forms (monitoring)


AMBIENT LIGHTING built-in in the hood

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) : 818 x 316 x 498 mm

WEIGHT: 9,5 kg

DISTANCE between the hood and the baby : 780mm

BEDDING: 720 x 510mm

The bedding is  surrounded by high, transparent protection walls, forming a genuine safety enclosure around the infant. Memory of shape mattress.

Head-up tilt with a wide, continous angle (0/15°).

X-ray tray available under the bedding for performing X-rays without moving the infant.

A mast equipped with a horizontal standardised rail (25x10mm) for fixing accessories 



  • O2 sensor for integrated oxygen analyser
  • Single patient skin sensor
  • Peripheral skin temperature sensor
  • Repositionable hydrogel patches

Class IIb Medical Device

Electrical Class I 

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