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Oxygen hood

Ref: 310X

Supplies newborns with air and oxygen

Smooth edges to prevent baby injury

Transparent clear Plexiglas for a good visibility of the baby

4 holes to allow passing probes and hoses

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Placed in an incubator or an infant warmer, the oxygen hood allows supplying newborns with air and oxygen.

The oxygen hood is made of a transparent clear Plexiglas and grants a good visibility of the baby. Its rectangular shape has smooth edges to prevent baby injury.

4 protected holes allow passing probes and hoses for baby with gas supplying.

Mediprema oxygen hood is available in 2 sizes

Composition :

Transparent clear Plexiglas


SMALL - For premature baby

  • Reference : 3105
  • Size in cm, H x L x l (Internal volume): 13 x 17 x 18 cm (3610 cm3)


MEDIUM - For newborn

  • Reference : 3106
  • Size in cm, H x L x l (Internal volume) : 15 x 19 x 19.5 cm (5305 cm3)


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