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Leddy bloo

Ref: 1971

Uniform, effective treatment

Luminous Flux >4mW/cm² (>63 μW/cm²/nm)

For all baby sizes : 1000 cm² of lit surface area

Blue light treatment LEDs targeted below the bilirubin degradation spectrum

User comfort

Emitted luminous flux that is less dazzling for nursing staff and parents

No unnecessary alarms that could cause stress to the baby and parents 

White LEDs for observation of the infant during treatment

Infant positioning aid with a red light halo

Reliability and longevity

LEDs guaranteed for 30,000 hours (low electricity consumption)

Regular use - Maintenance-free

Versatility and flexibility of use

Multi-functional : above incubators, tables or cots

Optimised positioning : to be placed directly on a surface, thanks to it's 2 handles or on a height-adjustable mobile stand

Control and safety

Timer for setting the exposure time : switches off automatically

Pause key to suspend treatment if necessary

Easy performance monitoring thanks to a LED usage time counter

All information on this product

The best compromise between performance, surface exposure and treatment efficiency

The Leddy bloo phototherapy hood developed by médipréma offers the best possible combination between performance, surface exposure and treatment efficiency.

Thanks to its LED technology, the baby can be placed as close as possible to the light, thereby ensuring optimal exposure over his/her entire body surface area. In addition, the LEDs of the Leddy bloo phototherapy hood generates a luminous flux that is less dazzling for the medical team working nearby and has a life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours.  The blue treatment LEDs of médipréma’s Leddy bloo phototherapy hood supplies an irradiance level of > 4 mW/cm² (>63 µW/cm²/nm). 


A device adaptable to all situations

Médipréma’s Leddy bloo phototherapy hood offers a perfect balance between treatment efficiency and ease of use. The Leddy bloo is adaptable and suitable for all situations : on a mobile stand, above an incubator or a cot, thereby making it possible to optimise the position of baby in relation to the the light source.

Intuitive, it is equipped with a control unit with an LCD screen fitted with an hour counter to set the exposure time and a pause button to suspend treatment during baby care procedures.



  • Luminous flux > 4 mW/cm2 (>63 μw/cm²/nm) – measured between 400 and 550 nanometres (active spectrum DIN 5031) with BabyBlue radiometer at = 35cm from the hood
  • Illuminated area (mini/maxi ratio >0.4) : 500x300mm

CONTROL BOX with digital display :

  • Exposure time programming
  • LED usage time counter
  • Stand-by button allowing treatment break during infant care


  • Hood with 2 handles to facilitate its positioning
  • Red light halo to optimize newborn positioning under treatment light

OBSERVATION LIGHT : white LED built into the hood



SOUND LEVEL <40 ± 3d(B)A


POWER SUPPLY : 110-240V / 50-60Hz


DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) :  hood= 305 x 595 x 125 mm

WEIGHT : 4kg


Leddy bloo is available in 2 versions

  • A hood to be positioned on top of the incubator canopy ref. 1971
  • A hood mounted on a mobile stand – 5 swivelling castors with brakes - makes the unit easy to handle without stability fault – Swivelling hood- Adjustable height (340mm) – ref. 1971 + 1975



  • Eyemax phototherapy goggles (3 models available)
  • Single patient skin sensor
  • Repositonable hydrogel sensor sheath
  • BabyBlue Radiometer

Medical Device Class IIa

Electrical class I

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