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Microbead pillow for weighing scales

Ref: 3728

Baby comfort

Soft support

Holds the baby in position without compression

Baby secure and reassured

Facilitates the work of nursing staff

Easier weighing 

More reliable measurement

Saves time

Light, easy to install

Fits easily on all weighing scales

Hygiene and ergonomics

Easy cleaning

Impermeable to liquids

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Comfort and ease of weighing

Médipréma’s Carewave microbead pillow for weighing scales is placed on the baby tray to hold the infant in ideal conditions during weighing. Contact with the cold, hard surface of the tray that can upset young babies is therefore replaced by a welcoming soft and reassuring surface for the baby. The infant feels secure and is therefore calmer, making weighing easier and more reliable. This saves time for the medical team and improves comfort for the baby.


Safe and easy to install

Médipréma’s Carewave microbead pillow for weighing scales is light and easy to install. Composed of polystyrene microbeads, this ultra-flexible pillow holds the baby in position without any compression.

It is very easy to clean and fits easily on all weighing scales.

Dimensions : 55×30cm

Specifications :

  • Micro-Granules in polystyrene
  • Bi-elastic polyurethane slipcove
  • Water resistant
  • Double seam
  • Cleaning by sponging

Packing : per unit

CE marking

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