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Positioning pillows for newborns and babies

Ref: 3701 - 3703 - 3705 - 3707 - 3709 - 3711 - 3713

Preventive action

Anti-pressure ulcer function

Promotes motor development

Limits risks of bone and joint deformities and muscle contractures

Infant comfort

Good freedom of movement

Limits primary reflexes

Reproduction of the cocoon effect of the mother’s womb


Several sizes available to adapt to every baby

Numerous positioning options

Ease of use

Hygiene and resistance

Easy cleaning and disinfection

Resistant over time and to regular use

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Safety and prevention of posture problems

Médipréma’s Carewave microbead pillows protect newborns from skin damage thanks to their anti-pressure ulcer function. They limit the risks of bone and joint deformities and muscle contractures by positioning the baby’s limbs appropriately. Composed of polystyrene microbeads, the ultra-flexible positioning pillows hold the baby in position without pressure


Comfort and freedom of movement

Médipréma products reduce pain and stress in newborn babies, thereby improving their general clinical condition. By permitting voluntary movements and restricting primary reflexes, they promote motor development. The pillows also facilitate routine nursing care by hospital staff and contact with the baby’s family.


Two models are available

  • The half-moon pillow

The half-moon pillow makes it possible to quickly and easily position the baby appropriately with the head, spine and legs correctly aligned. The risks of chandelier arm and frog’s leg postures are avoided. Whether they are lying on their side, front or back, babies are securely supported.

  • The flexitube pillow

The Flexitube pillow offers significant freedom of use since the pillow can be shaped depending on the situation and medical requirements. It can also surround the baby, thus reproducing the cocoon effect of the mother’s womb.


Also available

Washable protective jersey knit cover :

  • 100% open end cotton jersey knit
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Mass per m² : 130 g -10/+5 g
  • Tensile strength 75% in warp direction / 130% in weft direction
  • Elongation under 5 daN : 40% in warp direction / 85% in weft direction
  • White colour
  • Washing : tolerates standard washing at 60°C - tumble-drying at 60°C


  • Polystyrene micro-granules
  • Bi-elastic polyurethane and polyamide cover
  • Water resistant
  • Double seam
  • Maximum weight accepted : 25 kg
  • Cleaning by sponging


Demi-lune and its protection cover

Packing : per piece

  • Size : Premature baby ≤ 1kg (99 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3701 and protection cover - 3702


  • Size : Premature baby 1 - 2kg (124 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3703 and protection cover - 3704


  • Size : Newborn (136 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3705 and protection cover - 3706


  • Size : Infant (174 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3707 and protection cover - 3708


Flexitube and its protection cover

Packing : per piece

  • Size : Small (140 x 8 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3709 and protection cover - 3710


  • Size : Medium (170 x 11 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3711 and protection cover - 3712


  • Size : Large (200 x 15 cm)
  • References : pillow - 3713 and protection cover - 3714

CE marking

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