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EVE NEO ventilator

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Ideal for neonatal ventilation 

Equipped with the ventilation modes required for an intensive care unit

Ventilation in pressure-control or volume-control mode

Suitable for emergency situations

Compact, mobile and lightweight

Quick selection keys 

Start of ventilation whenever the system test is completed

Integrated turbine

No compressed air supply necessary, only a bottle of oxygen is required during transport

All information on this product

Ventilator requirements in neonatal care are constantly evolving. To meet these requirements, médipréma has carefully selected the Stephan EVE NEO ventilator to complete its ventilation range.

In an emergency situation, every minute counts. With the EVE NEO intensive care ventilator, priority is given to the immediate operational availability of the device. This ventilator is operational without any laborious setting processes. Simply press a button to select the appropriate ventilation scenario. Thanks to its intuitive control concept, you can easily adapt to the individual needs of newborns.


Safe, gentle ventilation for newborns

EVE NEO offers the best possible ventilation for newborn babies and supports them during the first stages of their life. It is suitable for all electrical power supplies and can be safely connected anywhere thanks to versatile device supports, either in a helicopter or an ambulance.

The EVE NEO intensive care ventilator is equipped with numerous accessories enabling it to adapt to all situations (electrical power supply, bottle support, patient data management system, etc.). It is equipped with an advanced ventilation system offering nursing personnel a variety of different pressure-control or volume-control, invasive or non-invasive ventilation modes. To optimise neonatal care, it is possible to combine basic ventilation modes with additional options, such as PCV-VG, PS-PSV and tube compensation. 


A compact and mobile ventilator with an intuitive, user-friendly control system

The EVE NEO ventilator is compact, flexible and mobile. Its silent integrated turbine and battery operation time of up to six hours means that it can operate almost independently of any gas or electricity supply. Due to its low weight (approximately 6 kg) and its compact, robust structure, EVE NEO is also ideal for mobile use.

The EVE NEO commands are easily executed via an 8.4" high-resolution touch screen and a rotary button. Detailed monitoring guarantees secure, effective monitoring. Measurement of exhaled CO2, along with loops, enable precise, reliable pulmonary diagnosis.

Compact, Flexible, Mobile

With its internal, extremely quiet turbine and rechargeable battery range of up to six hours, EVE NEO is virtually independent of gas and power supplies.

The robust, compact design and low weight (approx. 6 kg) make EVE NEO optimally suited for mobile use.


EVENEO – the Intensive Care Respirator with state-of-the-art Ventilation and Sensor Technology

A dedicated docking station featuring power supply, cylinder bracket, PDMS and staff call button makes EVE NEO a versatile intensive care respirator utilizing state-of-the-art ventilation technology.

All required invasive and non-invasive, pressure and volume controlled ventilation forms are available. Basic ventilation modes can be combined with additional options, such as PRVC, PSV and tube compensation, ensuring optimal supply for the little patients.

EVE NEO also offers a variety of different breathing maneuvers as well as the increasingly important high flow therapy.

Another important factor: thanks to the integrated MASIMO® technology, all Rainbow parameters are available.


Informative and detailed Monitoring

EVENEO may be operated via a high-definition 8.4" touch screen and twist-and-push knob.

Detailed monitoring guarantees both safe and efficient control.

Precise and informative lung diagnostics are possible via expiratory CO2 measurement and loops.


External Trigger

We have developed a synchronization system capturing abdominal movements of the patient by means of an external respiration sensor. It then converts them to a stable, responsive (<30ms) trigger signal, allowing non-invasive, synchronized, lung protective ventilation strategies using EVE NEO.

EN 794-3:1998 + A2:2009 Lung ventilators

DIN EN 1789:2007 + Al:2010 Medical vehicles and their equipment

IEC 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment

IEC 80601-2-12 Medical electrical equipment

RTCA DO 160G:2010 Environmental conditions and test procedures for airborne equipment

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