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Ref: 5100

Measurement of radiation emitted by the fluorescent tubes or LEDs used in phototherapy

Detects the emissions in the blue part of the spectrum at 460 nm+/-10 nm

Follows the bilirubin absorption curve

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Médipréma’s BabyBlue phototherapy radiometer is designed to measure the radiation emitted by the fluorescent tubes or LEDs used in phototherapy in which the main emissions are in the blue part of the spectrum at 460 nm +/-10 nm (measurement in milliwatts per cm2, up to 10 mw/cm2). Its calibration follows the bilirubin absorption curve (DIN5031).


Measure in milliwatts per cm2 (up to 5mw/cm2).

Reference wavelength : 460 nm blue
The rest of the spectrum is corrected by the sensor spectral response curve, very close to the DIN 5031 standard (bilirubin absorption curve) at 460 nm +/- 5nm

Angular response : cosine

IP box/IP sensor : 65/53


Box dimensions (LxWxH) : 20x65x22mm

Sensor dimensions (LxWxH) : 85x45x16mm

Cable length : 1 meter

Weight : 150g (with battery)

Power supply : standard 9V battery 6LR61 type

Delivered with a metrological certificate in accordance with NF X 070 10 & 011

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